How did America discover dryrobe® – dryrobe USA
How did America discover dryrobe®

How did America discover dryrobe®

You might have read the story behind the way the company started already, if not you can read it HERE, but this is about the story behind the people & the activities that brought dryrobe to the US.
It is said that, necessity is the Mother of invention and there was certainly a need for dryrobe.
Some of the first dryrobes in America were used by surfers & open-water swimmers. In Canada the Kayakers were amongst the first to use them. They heard about them from friends visiting the UK & returning home from events and busting them out when at home. The dryrobe gets attention wherever it goes!
OCR (obstacle course racing) has been #dryrobeterritory since they crossed over from triathletes who compete in these events too.
dryrobe arrives in USA
We have made some great friends in OCR, a mention has to go to Margaret  Schlachter (dirt in your skirtMud Run Guide) Margaret found us at our first expo in the US. in Utah at the Outdoor retailer Show after spotting the dryrobes appearing on the OCR scene as soon as it started & came to speak to us about them. Since then people started to recognize the name & the distinctive look of the dryrobe. Others has since helped us gain recognition include the OCR gear team, Joel Getty and a whole host of characters we have met along the way.
Our first review was done by Dirty Miles Dario Cantatore in Nov 2014 (HERE) and if you search dryrobe review now you can see the 5 star reviews keep coming.
Then there are the athletes. Since Jon Albon stormed to some memorable victories In the US Including Spartan World Championships and claimed 3x OCR World Championship wins, people have taken notice of the kit he uses. dryrobe has since been worn by some of the best in OCR, including Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster, Amelia Boone, Hunter McIntyre and many others. 
Joe Desena (founder of Spartan) ran the Spartan Euro Championships in Scotland with Gideon Bright, the founder of dryrobe,  (both carrying weights around the whole course) in 2016, where the very recognisable Spartan dryrobes were introduced to the world.
Spartan race dryrobe
The versatility of the dryrobe has ensured that once it has been used it tends to get taken to almost every outdoor activity and this is how, in a short space of time, we have seen huge crossover between sports & some of the Worlds best extreme & outdoor athletes wearing dryrobes.
We officially opened the dryrobeUSA website & landed the first stock in December 2015.
we now work with US Masters swimming into our 2nd year of a sponsorship deal, We supply the USA surf lifesaving with Team kit, Our products were used at Rio 2016 Olympic Games,  we supplied the official branded dryrobes for the OCR World championships 2016 Blue mountain, Canada, Spartan World Championships and Worlds Toughest Mudder.
USA dryrobe - the best change robe in the World
Our products are used by WSL Surfers, Championship Wake boarders, including the awesome talent that is Jake Caster from Team Brigade, sailors, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts in almost every application you can think of.
2017 is set to be quite a year. We have some huge events and partnerships to announce in the New Year.
Please follow our facebook page, Instagram @dryrobeUSA & @dryrobeUSA twitter as we are starting the giveaways & will keep you updated on all the news. We are right at the start of some exciting times. #dryrobeterritory

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